Business intelligence is the umbrella term referring to data silo, data warehousing, data mining, interpretation and visualization using real-time report generation mechanism assisting in taking informed business-accelerating decisions.

BI minuses traditional data storing and report crafting processes by generating desired reports in real-time, accurate and actionable data formats. As a report is sought from bi, it interacts with erp and displays the result in desired formats.

Let us understand with an example, imagine you are a business owner, and have a large customer base. All data relating to your customers is scattered across departments such as sales, accounts, marketing etc. It would be a tedious task for you to gather, analyze and sort the relevant data and create a fresh database that is meaningful for your business-oriented decision-making processes.

Now, with bi data is fetched directly from the data silo and the data warehouse is updated. Weeds are removed and data is processed for standardized formats and displayed with just a blink of an eye. all this data is accessible on your dashboard by just one click.

So how come bi is useful for your business? bi empowers business owners, helping them to identify and remove inefficient business processes and hidden patterns. it surfaces the strengths and weaknesses of a business structure and discovers fresh opportunities.

Simply put, it provides you with necessary insights to help you boost your business and navigate ahead with a plan for the future course of action. With tecblic’s innovative approach in bi based on artificial intelligence, business development strategies become simple. We have the technological expertise and experience that would redefine the way you do business.

Our efficient approach in bi leaning on tools like power bi and tableau comes with possibilities of voice assistants interacting with your business getting you to the most accurate reports defining your strategic business planning and improving performance of your team.

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